Saturday, June 01, 2013

Yosemite Trip 5/30

                             Half Dome at night time

                          Yosemite fall..

                          Water is cold....

                         Pat is walking at the mist trail
                          Our tent and half dome at 6pm

                          Waiting for cooking dinner..

                          10 rock climbers up there..

                       Zoom in.. you will see the climbers

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Knitting hats


Thursday, October 11, 2012

BVI trip

Took a trip at BVI on Oct 1st to Oct 10th.  This is the trip should be one of life's MUST. I like to share some pictures with you here, I can tell you more about fun things when I see you.
This is Bath at Virgin Gorda Island

               So calm, peaceful and beautiful, the beach sand connected with blue water that is connected with sky and cloud.

 Sky actually is one of the beauty of BVI. We see different color of the cloud at sun set and sun rise, and spectacular thunder flash at dusk.

                        I took picture of myself while they sail the ship.

                                  Sun set color, see this daily...

     Someone having great fun jumping into the clear, blue caribbean water.

         The most famous BVI bar.  In New Year time, you can easily see 100 boats here having GREAT fun.

                         At Soper's Hole.  A Yacht Club full of BIG  Catamarans.

                                      Another sun set.

           Cooper Island, no business open yet, they will open in next 3 days.

          At Bath, walking thru this water tunnel is fun, see fish swimming,            water is warm, sand is white..

                                 So many conch..

                         At Bath..Sky, cloud, blue water and boulder

                                     At dusk.

Scrub Island Resort.

                                            Bath boulder

This Spaghetti cost $30.00, food in BVI is  PRICEY !!!!

                                  Nice "house"..
                                 This is our boat, 41.3 FT.

                                They did scuba dive two time.

                             Someone is working on a special project.

The airport we landed. We fly from San Francisco to New York, then to Puerto Rico, then to BVI.

Last resort is right next to the airport, local restaurant, art shop..

                                 Foxy BAR..

                                The iconic "Bitter End" yacht club.

                                Bitter End center

Foxy ..just too famous.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Trip to Korea 3/24-3/28/2012

                                          It's Seoul, South Korea

                                "White House" (they call it blue house) of South Korea

                                         Korean market food...yum...

                                  More Korea color just made food more delicious.

Ming Dong of Seoul. The most crowded fashion street.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knitting winter hats

                                                    (Click the pic to see it BIG)
Here's more winter hats that I knitted during long winter nights.  Hope you like them too, they are made by 100% wool and you would love to wear them in wet winter times, in snowing days....

For those who own these hats, do not put these hats in dryer machine, they made by wool...     

 This one hat is special....if you look at it carefully, it's actually 3D pattern,  it called semi-Swedish hat. I modified the patter and it seems better..