Saturday, March 11, 2006

Snow in Santa Cruz (March 10)

It was snowing in San Francisco, in Santa Cruz, on all the hills that is 1000 feet high. It's in March, and it's snowing.. It's been white road for 3 days now. Temp is just 36-40 with bright sun shine today.

We went to UC Santa Cruz aboretum to see plants, maybe buy some strange plants for the yard. It happened there's activity going on, hard to find parking spot. The activity is something about hummingbirds vs Australian plants. We joined the tour to hear detailed explanation about why Australian plants (flowers) attract hummingbirds so much..all the flowers are flute-type and downwards with long neck for the bird to take the sweet nectar.

We bought 3 pots of Australian plants (total about $30) and headed for Castle Rock to see how heavy the snow there. The snow there is pretty heavy and it does not seem will melt soon at all.

Later, we bought 2 Queen palm trees and 2 Arizona Canary trees (Palm), that would be enough for the yard. Those palms are big and tall..


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